Inspire Passion…
…Ignite Accomplishment…
…Impact Results
“A practical understanding and enlightenment of oneself
empowers the individual to achieve excellence.”
— Glenn Brome
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A phenomenal keynote speaker and author of the book The Facilitative Leader, Glenn Brome has engaged the minds and spirits of countless audiences across the country — inspiring passion in the workplace, igniting individual and collective accomplishments, and impacting results for successful achievements.

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The Facilitative Leader by Glenn Brome
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With wit, essential truths and a collaborative approach, Glenn Brome has an innate ability to effectively engage people on all rungs of the corporate ladder and in diverse industries.

Glenn Brome’s spirit is infectious and spreads throughout your entire audience… breathing life into the psyche of even the most disenchanted and unplugged member of your corporate team. Your audience will rise to the occasion, accepting Glenn’s delivery of understanding and challenge to achieve their highest potential, both individually and collectively.

Glenn Brome - Line
Experience an unsurpassed outcome!
Create highly-motivated and self-driven leaders.
Achieve a sense of employee ownership.
Produce buoyancy and endurance during rough waters.
Empower the single most important element of your organization … the individual.
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Glenn Brome - Line
Glenn has been a driving force behind the achievement of professional goals and objectives made possible through personal enlightenment. His extensive list of exclusive corporate clients includes American Express, Best Buy, Cendant Corporation, Starbucks and Walt Disney World Co. He has also been a keynote speaker for multiple U.S. governmental agencies.