Not Right, Not Wrong, Just Different:
Bringing B.S.* to Life
[*Behavioral Styles]
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Behavioral Styles Photo Collage
Which of these phrases do you most relate to?
“My way or the highway!”
“I'll get the job done, but let's have fun doing it!”
“Can't we all just get along?”
“If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time!”
Not Right | Not Wrong | Just Different
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…Some people are easy to ‘connect’ with…
…While with others, we struggle to develop a positive rapport…
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Suppose you could understand what motivates people with styles and personalities different from yours? This session will help individuals and teams see people more clearly from the other person's perspective.
Participants will…
Explore personal strengths and areas of opportunity for their particular behavioral style
Understand the motivation of people with styles (personalities) different from theirs
Learn ways to easily communicate more effectively with task-focused, as well as people-focused, individuals
Quickly recognize the different behavioral tendencies of fast-paced vs. deliberate-paced individuals
Discover new connections with others by adapting to their behavioral styles (personality)
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"…My teams have directly benefited from the interventions you provided.
We all gained incredible insights into ourselves and our interactions with the
DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior sessions, team-building, and related discussions…"
Juan Brea
Director, WW Human Resources Development, Planning, Operations and Integration
American Express
Glenn Brome - Line
"Great delivery. Kept the class focused and interesting. Learned many things about my own leadership style as well as other leadership styles and comfort levels."
Glenn Brome - Line
Glenn Brome - Line