Glenn Brome - Line
I have always had the drive to help and inform people.
I’m the guy people ask where things are when I’m in a store – any store.

Maybe it’s because my ears ‘perk up’
when I hear someone is looking for something.

Glenn Brome - Line
It is that desire I have to inform and advise people that has guided me to Professional Speaking. It was at the urging of many of my co-workers that initially moved me from a line position to Human Resources. This was mainly because I was always interested in helping people understand. It’s that inner need to facilitate people’s understanding that allows me to share my knowledge and experiences with audiences of all types – to help them see themselves and also see their way to perform better. My goal is to help individuals and teams work together more productively by focusing on understanding ‘Why We Behave the Way We Do,’ Creating and Maintaining an ‘Inclusive Environment,’ having a constant sense of ‘Urgency about Service,’ and ‘Holding Everyone Accountable.’
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I connect with my audiences by using humor, interactive techniques and my background to resonate with their corporate reality. I continually fill in the gaps or identify the ‘Missing Links’ for my attendees by speaking to each of them individually – creating a Significant Learning Event [SLE] for virtually every participant.

This passion and vision drove me to write my book, “The Facilitative Leader.” What I have learned from the corporate world…heard from thousands of my participants…and understand and wish to communicate, is that…

It All Comes Back to Facilitative Leadership.
Most respectfully,
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Glenn Brome - Line