How We Deal with CONFLICT
Glenn Brome - Line
What if you could clearly identify specific behaviors that you use –
that actually cause Conflict to Escalate
as well as behaviors that can have the
affect of Reducing Conflict?
Glenn Brome - Line
By using this incredibly Powerful Process, the Conflict Dynamics Profile Model, you can find out just that – broken down into seven Constructive behaviors and eight Destructive behaviors.

Additionally, to help internalize the usefulness of this information, we look at which behaviors you exhibit that are Actively involved in your conflict situations as well as those you exhibit that are Passively involved in your conflict situations!

Define Conflict
Explore your approach to handling conflict
Plan strategies for Resolving Conflict
Increase the level of comfort in Resolving Conflict
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But Wait! There’s More!!
Discuss the nine situations / people that tend to cause the greatest degree of irritation to you – and resultantly can cause Conflict to occur.
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* Glenn is a Master Facilitator for the Conflict Dynamics Profile
Glenn Brome - Line
Glenn Brome - Line