Emotional Intelligence [E.I.]
Glenn Brome - Line
Emotional Intelligence - EI Brain
Bringing Intelligent Emotions to Leadership
Ever say something and the next moment you regret it?
Would you like to handle stressful situations better?
This session will allow participants to…
Be more Aware of their Emotions and how to better handle themselves in Stressful Situations
Practice Responding Intentionally rather than Reactively
Learn how to Visualize the Achievement of a Goal and take the necessary steps to get there
Maintain Personal Motivation
Explore the Benefits of Exercising Empathy
Have more Productive Relationships
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Glenn Brome - Line
"Bringing the ideas to real-life situations helped. It was so important to understand what makes people tick so that you can learn an effective way to deal with them."
Margaret Mills
Glenn Brome - Line
Glenn Brome - Line