Holding Everyone Accountable — Including Yourself!
Glenn Brome - Line

Understand the meaning of…

"There is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals"
Ken Blanchard

Discuss what to do with a ‘whale with a bad attitude'

Learn how to manage the Outcomes vs. The Process

Glenn Brome - Line

Flow for Session

Opening Activity with Thinking Outside of ‘Mental Barriers’
Facilitative Leadership Overview – Including the ‘Changing Role of Leadership’

To Develop a Process for Holding Everyone Accountable


Identify How Holding Everyone Accountable is the Critical Link to Improving Productively

The Value of Balanced Feedback
The Process for Accountability
Understand the Leadership Link that Balances ‘Style’ with ‘Results’

Discussion and Connection to Everyday Leadership and Accountability

Dealing with Challenges in Performance
Action Planning
Glenn Brome - Line
Glenn Brome - Line