Beyond Diversity | Inclusive Environment
Glenn Brome - Line
This ain’t no 80’s sensitivity training
It's about practical, sensible leadership techniques that apply in today’s world
Glenn Brome - Line
Why being P.C. does not work!
Beyond Diversity: Inclusive Environment
An enlightening program that heightens individual and team awareness of the power of perception and how to create an inclusive environment
Glenn Brome - Line
Participants will get answers to questions like…
“Where do I draw the line with people who are too sensitive?”
“Why am I still told that ‘the next one you hire better be a ______________’?”
“What’s the difference between diversity and an inclusive environment?”
“How can I separate my preferences from bona fide requirements?”
Learn the 'OOOH' Technique to reinforce
'openness with others'
Glenn Brome - Line
"Very good and informative. Great learning experience. I didn't expect the amount of material on diversity and inclusiveness, but that was well-done and valuable — a key part of leading. I gained some techniques to try."
Glenn Brome - Line
Glenn Brome - Line